Mortar Analysis & Matching

Lime Mortar
Made to Match Your Sample

  • Match the existing mortar on your building
  • Perfect match pretty much every time
  • Colours & textures matched using natural materials
  • Bespoke mortars engineered & manufactured
  • Buy the mortar again & again on the website

Product Details

Lime mortars can usually be matched closely with the standard mixes available on the site. Occasionally though, it's necessary to ensure a perfect match to the existing mortar when undertaking repair works.

Mortars can generally be manufactured to match an existing mortar sample perfectly. Simply send the sample along with a unique reference, ideally something memorable, the name and location of the building is the best idea.

We use natural materials to reproduce mortars, providing the original mortar was composed of natural materials of course.

The lime mortar mix obtained from your sample will be added to our records. You'll be able to select this mix again and again whenever you buy or request a quote for lime mortar on the website.

Please Note, we can't guarantee the availability of materials. Natural quarried materials do become depleated from time to time. It is the customer's responsibility to order sufficiently to ensure the sustainability and consistency of the material.

Mortar Analysis & Matching
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