Singleton Birch NHL 3.5
25kg (approx)

Moderately Hydraulic
(NHL) Natural Hydraulic Lime

  • Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL 3.5)
  • Popular & suitable for most building work
  • Pointing, re-pointing & rendering
  • Brickwork, blockwork and stonework
  • Sets underwater (moderately hydraulic)
  • Easy to use, powdered lime
  • Britain's leading independent lime manufacturer

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Product Details

Singleton Birch NHL 3.5 is a dry powdered lime made by slaking quicklime from silaceous chalks.

This material is popular for pointing, re-pointing and rendering. It is suitable for most building and construction applications under normal conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

"What can I use NHL 3.5 lime for?"

NHL 3.5 is suitable for most types of building work in most locations and conditions. Facing bricks, commons, blockwork, sandstone, limestone, terracotta. Walling, bedding, pointing, re-pointing, patching.

"What is hydraulic lime?"

Hydraulic limes set by hydrolysis, they rely on moisture to cause a set. This gives them the ability to set underwater.

"Do I need to add cement to make it set?"

Absolutely not, hydraulic lime sets just fine. It is often confused with hydrated lime which can be added to cement mortar to increase workability. Genuine traditional lime mortars, renders and plasters don't ever contain any cement.

Singleton Birch NHL 3.5
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Did You Know?

In practical terms, natural hydraulic lime is just like working with an OPC.

Shrinkage cracks are virtually eliminated using hydraulic lime due to its hydraulic set.

Major labour and time saving benefits of hydraulic lime can offset the higher cost against the non-hydraulic lime.