Charities, Non-profit Organisations.

Great North Air Ambulance
The Great North Air Ambulance Service provides, maintains and improves air ambulance cover across The North East of England, North Yorkshire and Cumbria, with its fleet of three aircraft based at Durham Tees Valley Airport, Otterburn DTE Northumberland and Carlisle Airport.

Daisy Chain - Special Needs ...Needs Special Care
Daisy Chain is a haven for families affected by autism and special needs, a place where they can go and find something in life that gives them pleasure.

Ménière's Society - Helping People with Vertigo, Tinnitus and Deafness
The M�ni�re's Society was founded in 1984 by Mrs Marie Nobbs MBE to support people with M�ni�re's disease and those who care for them. Vertigo, tinnitus and deafness, these are the symptoms of M�ni�re's disease. If you have this condition, the M�ni�re's Society (UK) can help you with information and support