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Sandstone, Limestone, Marble, Granite, Slate & Travertine

Namurian® Pro Clean HD

Heavy Duty Stone Cleaner

Removes ingrained dirt & grease, including industrial oil spills. Safe to use on interior or exterior stonework.

  • from  £14.99 + VAT

Namurian® Pro Clean

General Purpose Stone Cleaner for Interiors & Exteriors

Removes dirt, grease & cooking oil from stonework. Suitable for surfaces not previously treated with sealing products.

  • from  £10.95 + VAT

Namurian® Pro Wash

Every Day Stone Cleaner for Interiors

Gentle but effective. Removes dirt & soap residues from interior stonework. Suitable for surfaces previously treated with sealing products.

  • from  £8.29 + VAT

Moeller HMK R79

Rust Remover for Natural Stone
  • £13.00 + VAT

Moeller HMK R60

Moss & Mildew Remover
  • £13.00 + VAT

Universeal Stone Cleaner

Cleaner & Fast-Acting Stain Remover for Natural Stone

Heavy duty cleaner for all natural stone including sandstone, limestone & polished marble. Removes stubborn stains, environmentally friendly.

  • £11.95 + VAT

Universeal Easy Clean

pH Neutral Cleaner, Biodegradable & 100% Organic

Light cleaner for marble, granite, travertine, ceramics & porcelain. Easy and safe for daily use, spot cleaning. Streak free finish, no rinse formula.

  • £9.00 + VAT

Universeal Extreme Clean

Heavy Duty Stone Cleaner

Removes grease, oil, stubborn stains, ingrained dirt, old acrylic emulsions, care products, etc. Thorough cleaning of extremely dirty natural stone.

  • £19.75 + VAT

Universeal Grout Film Remover

Special Cleaner for Grout Residue, Light Cement & Mortar Stains

Special cleaner for removal of builder's dirt & efflorescence. Fast acting, internal/external stone, masonry & tiles. Easily applied, environmentally friendly.

  • £9.50 + VAT

Aster Brill Super Cleaner

Natural Stone Cleaner

Natural stone cleaner for smooth or polished stone such as granite, marble & travertine. Brill Super Cleaner effectively cleans granite worktops, marble floors, travertine tiles.

  • £10.50 + VAT

Aster Brill Degreaser

Heavy Duty Stone Cleaner

Stone degreaser, powerful deep cleaner for unpolished natural stone. Brill degreaser is suitable for cleaning sandstone & limestone with inground dirt and grime.

  • £13.50 + VAT

Professional results
Superior, trade quality natural stone cleaning products

Customers are offered trade quality products that are generally aimed at professionals in the natural stone industry. These products are used by our own stonemasons and have been tested on a vast array of stones with excellent results.

Important. These products are not suitable for artifical stone with decorative painted finishes such as Jurastone or Marfill. We recommend their use for natural stone only and advise that you test them on a small inconspicous area of the stone prior to full application.

As always our specialist team is here to advise you before you buy, please make an enquiry.