Stone Stain Remover

Stain Removal from Natural Stone
Sandstone, Limestone, Marble, Granite, Slate & Travertine

Natural stone stain removal, get professional results with Flash 1 and Flash 2. Suitable for sandstone fireplaces, limestone fireplaces, granite worktops, stone floors, marble and travertine tiles. These natural stone stain removers are sufficient for numerous spot applications. You can buy online, they come with free technical support from our stonemasons.

Flash 1, Stone Stain Remover

Oil, grease & wax stains

Inorganic stain removal. Olive oil, vegetable oil, 3-in-1 oil, engine oil, siliconee oil, petroleum jelly, sticky grease, industrial grease, candle wax and candle grease.

Flash 2, Stone Stain Remover

Tea, coffee, wine & fruit juice stains

Organic stain removal. Flash 2 will effectively remove tea, coffee, chocolate, gravy, orange juice, blackcurrent juice, cranberry juice, red wine, beer and spirits.

Professional results.
Superior, trade quality stone care products.

Customers are offered a trade quality product that is generally aimed at professionals in the natural stone industry. Each product can be used to remove certain types of stains, there is no product that will remove every type of stain. These products have been used by our own stonemasons for years. We have tested them on a vast range of stones with significant to excellent results.

Trialled successfully on the following types of stone unsealed

Granite, onyx, marble, travertine marble, British sandstone, Chinese sandstone, Indian quartzite sandstone, British limestone, Portugese limestone, Indian limestone, Turkish limestone, British slate, Spanish slate, Chinese slate, Indian slate.

Important. These products are not suitable for artifical stone with decorative painted finishes such as Jurastone or Marfill. We recommend their use for natural stone only. Where applying to sealed natural stone, some sealers may need to be re-applied after use.

As always our specialist team is here to advise you prior to your purchase, please make an enquiry.