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Lime Mortar, Lime Render & Lime Plaster

Popular Lime Mortars

NHL 3.5 Lime Mortar - Fox Cragg (25kg)

An archetypal lime mortar, our best seller. Beautiful to work with. Ready to mix, add water and stir.

  • £10.00 + VAT

NHL 3.5 Lime Mortar - Mosswood Gold (25kg)

A stunning pale golden lime mortar with a fine finish. We have more styles choose from...

  • £10.00 + VAT

Gunlime® - Oatmeal (25kg)

An archetypal lime mortar that flows through a mortar gun, couldn't be easier.

  • £14.95 + VAT

Gunlime® - Barley (25kg)

Gunlime® is available in a range of colours and textures suitable for gun pointing with 7mm or 10mm nozzles.

  • £14.95 + VAT
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Lime Articles

New to lime and lime mortar? Short articles to set you on the right road...

Did You Know?

A lime render or plaster can help to prevent and remedy damp walls.

Lime mortar is flexible, allowing for movement and thermal expansion.

Lime manufacturing has a lower carbon footprint than cement (OPC).

Lime absorbs carbon dioxide, an environmental offset for its manufacture.