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Hydraulic Lime Mortar

Buy Online, Ready to Mix, Just Add Water. 100% Natural with Lime and a Blend of Aggregates, Consistent Quality.

  • NHL 2 Lime Mortar

    Internal Work or Soft Masonry

    Flexible and slow setting, suitable for interior brickwork. Also suitable for soft masonry and conservation of materials that are decaying or crumbling.

    Internal Stonework
  • NHL 3.5 Lime Mortar

    Most External Building Work

    Hydraulic lime mortar mix for most types of brick & stone masonry. General building, walling, pointing and patching. The Most Widely Used

    Internal Stonework
  • NHL 5 Lime Mortar

    Dense or Exposed Masonry

    Hydraulic lime mortar mix for exposed or dense brick and stone. Harder, faster setting mix for masonry and render exposed to severe conditions.

    Internal Stonework

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