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Lime Plaster

Lime plaster is applied to internal walls, available in base and finish coats, designed for the traditional three coat system.

  • Hydraulic Lime Plaster

    Ready to Mix, Add Water

    Hydraulic lime plaster is simple to use and faster setting; best suited for vertical areas of masonry. Available in base and finish coats with a range of attractive finishes to choose from.

    • Hydraulic
    • Ready to Mix
    • Cures: 90 days (approx.)
    • CE Certified
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    from £11.00 + VAT
  • Lime Plaster (Non-Hydraulic)

    Premixed, Made with Matured Lime Putty

    Traditional lime plaster, soft, sticky, flexible and slow setting; best suited for laths and ceilings. Available in base and finish coats, designed for the classic three coat system.

    • Non-Hydraulic
    • Premixed
    • Cures: 365 days (approx.)
    • CE Certified
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    from £9.50 + VAT

Lime Plastering Equipment

  • Natural Goat Hair

    Cashmere Goat Hair, Wintered Outdoors

    Long, curly and tough, goat hair is the ideal reinforcement fibre. Taken from animals that are wintered outdoors as per heritage recommendations.

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    £5.00 + VAT
  • Coir

    Natural and Sustainable Alternative to Goat Hair

    Coir is as a highly effective and eco-friendly reinforcement fibre, high tensile strength and good structure.

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    £5.00 + VAT
  • Laths

    Traditional Timber Laths

    Laths made from sustaible British timber, used to build and repair traditional lath and plaster walls.

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    from £3.50 + VAT
  • Hessian Sheeting

    Natural Protection from Sunlight, Wind and Rain

    Hessian Sheeting provides the optimal curing conditions for natural lime plaster, the traditional moisture control solution.

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    £35.75 + VAT