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Lime Putty Union Jack Made in United Kingdom

Non-Hydraulic Lime

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  • High Calcium, Fat Lime Putty
  • 100% Pure and Natural
  • Soft and Flexible
  • Totally Breathable
  • Indefinite Shelf Life

Product Details

High calcium, fat lime putty (class A) is soft, breathable and extremely flexible, it is matured for at least 120 days. This material is used to make non-hydraulic lime mortar, plaster and render for building conservation projects.

Lime putty is manufactured by slaking quicklime in clean water then leaving it to mature. It sets by carbonation; the carbon in the atmosphere causes it to set.

The material is packaged in a tough, reusable plastic bucket (recyclable) which will prevent it setting. It can be stored indefinitely if it is kept sealed, airtight inside the bucket.


BS EN 459-1:2015
10.25kg (approx.)
Bulk density
1,400kg/m³ (approx.)
Shelf life
Indefinite (Potentially)§

§ In storage, the product will settle over time. The lime will separate leaving a layer of water on the top. The product can be "whisked up" using a power drill and whisk / paddle attachment to return it to the ideal consistency.