Natural Lime

Traditional Eco-Building Materials
Natural Hydraulic & Non-Hydraulic Lime

Natural Hydraulic Lime

Natural hydraulic lime is a powdered lime. This traditional lime is popular and still perfectly suited to modern construction.

  • from £8.75 + VAT

Fat Lime Putty (Non-Hydraulic Lime)

Matured, high calcium Lincolnshire lime putty (non-hydraulic lime). Softer and slower setting than the hydraulic limes.

  • from £6.00 + VAT

Lime Wash

Lime wash, traditional, natural and breathable lime-based paint.

  • £10.50 + VAT
Singleton Birch

We stock Singleton Birch, UK's leading lime supplier.

Hydrated Lime

Are you looking for hydrated lime? We sell it (call for details) but it's used as a plasticiser for OPC cement mortar.

If you want to make lime mortar, lime render or lime plaster then you'll need hydraulic lime or fat lime putty. Hydrated lime will not set without a cement.

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