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  • Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL)

    The modern builder's choice. Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) is the traditional lime in powdered form. It sets hydraulically, curing much faster than non-hydraulic lime.

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    from £10.25 + VAT
  • Lime Putty

    Lime Putty is a high calcium non-hydraulic lime. Soft, fatty and slow setting, it is perfectly suited for conservation of delicate materials and buildings.

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    from £8.95 + VAT

Best Selling Natural Limes

Other Lime Products

  • Blue Circle Hydrated Lime

    CL90-S hydrated lime can mixed with a pozzolan to product a hydraulic lime, it can also be used to improve the plasticity, cohesiveness and water retention of cement mortar and render.

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    £14.95 + VAT