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Secil NHL 5 - Natural Hydraulic Lime

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  • Breathable
  • Powdered Lime
  • Dense Masonry
  • Severe Weather
  • Officially Distributed by Singleton Birch for United Kingdom

Product Details

Secil NHL 5 is a dry powdered hydraulic lime officially distributed by Singleton Birch. It is a breathable material that is harder therefore suitable for denser masonry exposed to more severe levels of wind driven rain.

This material is popular for paving, flooring, steps, roofing, coping stones and render in exposed areas.


Compressive strength
5 N/mm² ±
BS EN 459-1:2015
25kg (approx.)
Paper Bag, Vented

Additional delivery packaging provided to protect product in transit
Shelf life
Up to 3 months §
(depending on storage)

§ The product must be kept dry, store in dry place, ideally inside. Ensure product is suitably protected if stored outside to prevent spoiling.