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Natural Goat Hair

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The Natural Reinforcement for Traditional Lime Plastering

  • Covers 250kg Lime Plaster
  • Cashmere Guard Hair
  • Wintered Outdoors
  • Strong and Wiry
  • Effective Reinforcement
  • Lath and Plaster Walls

Product Details

Cashmere goat hair from mountain goats, wintered outdoors. This is guard hair, the longest hairs that protect the underfur and keep the animal dry.

Lath and Plaster Walls

The hair is tough, long and curly making it an excellent lime plaster reinforcement, perfectly suited for lath and plaster walls. A strong bond is formed as the hairs tangle, tying into the nooks and crannies of the wooden laths.

Adding to Lime Plaster

Animal hair is added to lime plaster base coat only, it is not added to the final finish coat. It is added after the plaster is mixed and just before it is applied to the wall.


Hair is added to the lime plaster using a traditional technique called teasing. This method aims to distribute the hair evenly throughout the material.

A layer of plaster roughly an inch (25mm) thick is poured ino a large plasterer's bath, the hair is spread evenly over the plaster then folded in. The process is repeated until complete.

Ratio of Hair / Lime Plaster

Approximately 2 grams of hair is required for each kilogram of lime plaster base coat.


Cashmere Goat
Guard Hair
500g (approx.)