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Lime Wash Union Jack Made in United Kingdom

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  • Traditional White Wash
  • Heritage Product
  • 100% Pure and Natural
  • Totally Breathable
  • CE Certified

Product Details

Lime Wash is 100% natural and breathable, it can be applied to lime plaster, lime render or bare masonry as it was traditionally.

The product is a derivative of lime putty and dries to a natural chalk-white colour, it is not a brilliant white.


2m² per Litre (approx.)
Drying Time
24 - 72 hours (approx.)
3 - 4 (typically)
5.5kg (approx.)
Chalk white *
Shelf life
Indefinite (Potentially)§

* Lime Wash is a natural product and does not dry to a brilliant white colour.

§ In storage, the product will settle over time. The lime will separate leaving a layer of water on the top. The product can be "whisked up" using a power drill and whisk / paddle attachment to return it to the ideal consistency.