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Scientific Papers & Research

  • Lime Mortar with PFA (Pulverised Fly Ash / Pulverised Fuel Ash) Ash Ahmed (Aug '20)

    Compressive and Flexural Strength of Non-Hydraulic Lime Mortar with PFA Pozzolan

    This paper investigates the properties of non-hydraulic (lime putty) lime mortar containing PFA (fly ash). Non-hydraulic lime mortars with PFA offer a more sustainable alternative to cement based mortars without compromising setting time or strength whilst offering improved flexibility and breathability.

  • Palm Oil Fuel Ash (POFA) Ash Ahmed (Nov '18)

    Palm Oil Fuel Ash as a Cement Replacement in Concrete

    This study investigates the effectiveness of agro waste ash by-product Palm Oil Fuel Ash (POFA) as a sustainable alternative to replace ordinary Portland cement (OPC).