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Secil NHL 3.5 - Natural Hydraulic Lime

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  • Breathable
  • Powdered Lime
  • General Building Work
  • Heritage Building Material
  • Officially Distributed by Singleton Birch for United Kingdom

Product Details

Secil NHL 3.5 is a dry powdered hydraulic lime officially distributed by Singleton Birch. It is a breathable material suitable for heritage building work.

This material is popular for pointing, re-pointing and rendering, suitable for most building and construction applications under normal conditions.


Compressive strength
3.5 N/mm² ±
BS EN 459-1:2015
25kg (approx.)
Paper Bag, Vented

Additional delivery packaging provided to protect product in transit
Shelf life
Up to 3 months §
(depending on storage)

§ The product must be kept dry, store in dry place, ideally inside. Ensure product is suitably protected if stored outside to prevent spoiling.