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Earthborn Claypaint Posset

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Yellow for those that don’t like yellow! Ideal for creating fresh, light spaces.

  • Clay Based Emulsion
  • Interior Paint
  • Highly Breathable
  • Ultra-Matt Finish
  • Hard Wearing
  • Virtually VOC Free

Product Details

An exciting clay-based emulsion that has a distinctive, ultra matt finish that softens and enhances the light in your room while its contemporary colours tempt the senses.

Deliciously thick and creamy, it goes on like a dream and often requires fewer coats than conventional emulsions. All this and no horrible smells or emissions.

Apply with a brush or roller, but we think a short pile roller gives the best results. Then simply wash your tools in water.


Remove any existing paint before applying Earthborn Claypaint.


10m² per Litre (approx.)*
Drying Time
6 - 12 hours (approx.)
1 - 2 (typically)
3.8kg (approx.)
Water Vapour
SD Value
Moisture Vapour
MVT Value
1,115 g/m² per 24 hours

* Actual coverage will depend upon absorbency of the surface and method of application. Remember, Claypaint may require one less coat than you expect.