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The Benefits of Lime

Natural lime was used traditionally as a binder in mortars, renders and plasters up until the 19th century when Ordinary Portland Cement was introduced. Ironically, modern insight has revealed enormous benefits of natural lime over the modern cements that dominate the building industry today.


It is breathable (vapour permeable), absorbing and evaporating moisture from surrounding masonry. This also helps to protect the masonry, there is less risk of salt and frost damage.


It has a low modulus of elasticity. This means it is extremely flexible and allows for movement and thermal expansion.


It is softer than modern cement, a softer mortar will not wear away the surrounding masonry over time. Bricks and stones are also reclaimed more easily if dismantled.


It is more eco-friendly, the lime manufacturing process produces less carbon dioxide than ordinary cement. Furthermore, it re-absorbs carbon dioxide thus lowering its carbon footprint even further.


Attractive traditional appearance, pale in colour. Natural limes tend to reveal the colour and characteristics of the aggregate with which they're mixed.