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Hot Mixed Lime Mortar Fine Stuff Union Jack Made in United Kingdom

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  • Lime Rich
  • Made with Buxton Quicklime
  • Suitable for a 4mm+ Joint
  • Waterproof Bag (Recyclable)

Matured, Suitable for Pointing and Finishing

The product is banked (bulk matured) for a minimum of 30 days as is recommended best practice for hot-mixed pointing mortars and finishing mortars.

Suitable for joints with a thickness of 4mm or more

Fine Stuff mortar has a fine texture and is suitable for joints with a thickness of 4mm or more. Sometimes masonry has non-standard joints of varying thickness, this is very common with random stone walling. Where this is the case, find the narrowest joint in the structure and select a lime mortar suitable for that.

Not suitable for use with a pointing gun

The consistency of this product is not suitable for a pointing gun. Although additional water may eventually facilitate an adequete flow, this practice should be avoided as excess water will cause the separation of lime from aggregate and thus compromise the mortar. Where a pointing gun is required see GunlimeĀ®.

Popular for Building Conservation

Hot-mixed lime mortar is highly regarded in the building conservation industry as hot-mixing is thought to have been a popular practice in the past. It is also believed these historic mortars are characteristically superior providing the best means to replicate the functional behaviour of surviving historical mortars.

However, the mortar has a low resistance to frost so where durability is a concern it may need to be gauged with pozzolans or natural hydraulic lime (NHL). This gauging must be undertaken on-site at the time of use because addition during manufacture will hydraulically set the material before delivery.

Please note that addition of pozzolans or Natural Hydraulic Lime increase hydraulicity and may negate any of the mortar's superior properties resulting in an untested mortar that is far stronger than our natural hydraulic lime mortars available on the site of which the strength is known and tested.

Product Details

High Standards

Hot Mixed Lime Mortar is lime rich and non-hydraulic. It is CE certified and manufactured to British Standards BS EN 998-2:2016 following heritage guidelines.

Hot Mixed

The product is made using high quality Buxton Quicklime which generates a lot of heat on contact with moisture, hence the name, the mortar is literally steaming hot when produced.

Authentic, Pure and Simple

100% natural, breathable and sustainable. The mortar is free from admixes and hydrophobic or pozzolanic additives.


Inside the bag you'll find a premixed lime mortar, ready to use.

Hot mixed lime mortars set by carbonation, very gradually. This characteristic gives the product a long shelf life providing that the material is kept sealed air-tight preventing carbonation.

The mortar may stiffen over time in storage but can be “knocked up” again and again to the ideal consistency providing it is stored correctly.

Economy & Convenience

These bags are popular with building contractors as they're economical and practical for projects large and small.

Orders for 8 or more bags are typically delivered using the UK's largest pallet network companies to keep delivery costs to a minimum.

If space is tight on-site you can call us to arrange partial delivery of your goods on different dates. We'll find a solution that works best for you.


BS EN 998-2:2016
25kg (approx.)
Fine Texture
Buxton Quicklime
BS EN 459-1:2015
BS EN 13139-1:2015
Bed size
4mm ≥
1,525 kg/m³ ± (at 91 days)
Vapour permeability
0.92 grams / 100mm² / 24hrs ±
Compressive strength
0.75 N/mm² ± (at 91 days)
Flexural strength
0.74 N/mm² ± (at 91 days)
Resistance to freeze thaw
(10 cycles)
Resistance to sulphate exposure
(26-50 cycles)
Resistance to freeze thaw in sulphate conditions
10 cycles
Capillary rise
Very high
(126-150mm in 6 hours)
Mortar durability class
1 to 2
Carbonation rate
Initial set
Overnight ±
2mm per calendar month ±
Shelf life
Indefinite Potentially Keep Sealed Airtight§

* Masonry density can vary by quarry, manufacturer, age and condition of material, this information serves only as a general guide, disclaimer.

** Exposure is approximated and can vary, this information is presented as a general guide, disclaimer.

Technical data is approximated as it can vary significantly depending on various factors, particularly weather conditions. The information presented outlines typical behaviour you might expect in the United Kingdom with ambient temperatures of 10°C in sheltered areas with low exposure to wind and moisture. The information is nevertheless useful to establish the relative properties and performance of different products, disclaimer.

The colour of the mortar will continue to lighten until it fully cures. This difference in colour can be quite dramatic. In good weather, the mortar will appear much lighter after 10 days.

§ Products must be sealed airtight in their packaging during. Material will stiffen over time when sealed but can be 'knocked up' back to a workable state.

Disclaimer It is the customer's responsibility to determine the suitability of this product. Samples should be prepared and approved before complete application of this product. Appropriate testing should be undertaken prior to application where compressive strength or density are a critical factor.