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Tarmac Limelite Lime Putty

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  • High Calcium, Fat Lime Putty
  • Creamy Consistency
  • Soft and Flexible
  • Matured for 4 Months
  • Blue Circle's Natural Range of Products: No Cement or Additives

Product Details

Limelite Lime Putty is used for mortars and plasters for optimum flexibility and breathability leading to better quality masonry construction and durability of buildings.

It is typically used for historic and traditional building repair and conservation.


BS EN 459-1:2015
22kg (approx.)
Bulk density
1,400kg/m³ (approx.)
Plastic Bucket, Sealed
Shelf life
Indefinite Potentially §
Keep Sealed Airtight

§ Products must be sealed airtight in their packaging during. Material will stiffen over time when sealed but can be 'knocked up' back to a workable state.