Mortar Matching

  • Matched for colour and texture
  • Mortar the same as your building
  • Seamless repointing, repairs and extensions
  • Consistent every time you order
  • No charge, it's a complimentary service
  • Matched mortar at standard price

Product Details

You can usually match a mortar fairly well using the standard styles available on the site. However, if you're looking to match the mortar exactly, we can help with that too.

Simply take a small sample of mortar from the wall, put it in a padded envelope and send to:

Stone Tech (Cleveland) Ltd.
Lee Road, Bolckow Industrial Estate, Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire. TS6 7AR. United Kingdom.

Don't forget to put the following on the back of the envelope:

  • Full Name
  • Company (if relevant)
  • Email Address
  • Telephone Number

Please ensure the envelope is weighed at the post office to ensure it reaches us, recorded delivery recommended.

Please ensure the sample is solid (not dust) and at least 1cm², around the size of your thumbnail.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the mortar matching take?

The sample is typically matched within 1-3 days of receiving the sample, the lead time varies slightly depending on demand.

What happens next?

You'll receive an email stating the accuracy of the match and product code with which you can call and place an order.

Is this a petrographic analysis of the mortar?

We do not offer petrographic analysis, the analysis is based on colour and texture only. However, we believe this to be the most practical and actionable analysis available. You won't need to interpret any complex scientific results, a matching product is a phone call away.

The matching is free, does that mean the mortar is expensive?

There's no charge for the matching service. The mortar you buy as a result is exactly the same price as our standard mortars.