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Pointing Gun Kit

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Includes Barrel, 2 Nozzles and a Mortar Mixing Paddle

  • Suitable for Gunlime Products *
  • Suitable for Pointing 4mm to 12mm Joint Thickness
  • High Pressure Trigger Action
  • Hardened and Tempered Drive Components

* This product is only suitable for Gunlime mortars, other types of lime mortar we offer are not designed to flow through a mortar gun.

Product Details

This kit contains a robust 540mm mortar gun, mixing paddle, 300mm barrel and 2 nozzles that can be used to repoint joints between 4mm and 12mm thick.

Mortar Gun

The mortar gun is similar to a mastic gun with a high pressure trigger action producing the required thrust. It is made with hardened and tempered drive parts for durability.


The 300mm plastic barrel will hold around 2kg of Gunlime mortar and slides in and out of the gun for filling.


Two plastic nozzles are supplied:

  • Large Nozzle
    Supplied at 10mm, adjustable to 12mm diameter
  • Small Nozzle
    Supplied at 2mm, Adjustable between 4mm and 8mm diameter

The nozzles are adjusted by cutting to the required diameter. They are appropriately marked and grooved so it's easy to cut to the correct size with a hacksaw or similar tool.

Mortar Mixing Paddle

The paddle can be attached to an electric or cordless power drill and used like a whisk to mix mortar in a builder's trug, Gorilla Tub, or bucket - a popular method of mixing mortar.


The product is durable and can be used repeatedly providing sufficient care is taken.

Wash thoroughly with water after use. Ensure gun, barrel and nozzles are clean and completely free of any mortar and residue.

Lifetime Guarantee

The product is guaranteed for a period of 30 days from the date of purchase against a fault developing in the materials of the kit or the workmanship during manufacture.

Once received, you can register your product on the manufacturer's website for a lifetime guarantee, they offer to repair or replace faulty goods free of charge once the product is registered.

Working with Gunlime

The pointing gun kit works well with Gunlime products providing the gun is configured correctly.

It is important to select the correct nozzle and adjust appropriately. The diameter of the nozzle depends on the thickness of the joint and the texture of the mortar as follows:

Product Nozzle
12mm Gunlime
Medium Coarse
Large Nozzle
Cut nozzle at mark
10mm Large Nozzle
As supplied
8mm Gunlime
Small Nozzle
Cut at 8 mark
6mm Small Nozzle
Cut at 6 mark
4mm Small Nozzle
Cut at 4 mark

Note: The small nozzle can be adjusted for odd size joints of 5mm, 7mm & 9mm. Simply cut between the marks provided on the nozzle; a fine texture Gunlime is required to point joints of this thickness.


Metal Plate / Rubber / Plastic
70mm x 300mm
72mm x 155mm x 72mm
Mixing Paddle
85mm x 385mm x 85mm
Weight (Total)
1.7kg (approx.)