Non-Hydraulic Lime Mortar
10kg (approx)

  • Ready mix, already knocked up
  • 100% natural, no additives or platicisers
  • Matured, high calcium, Fat Lime Putty (Class A)
  • Long shelf life, knock up again and again
  • Tough waterproof packaging
  • Easy to follow instructions and specification
  • Free technical support with every order

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Product Details

Traditional lime mortar, 100% natural, no artificial additives. Designed and manufactured to British Standards following English Heritage guidelines. The lime, sands and aggregates are carefully selected and sourced from England and the UK.

The mortar is a ready mix, it is already knocked up. It will eventually start to harden (even inside the tub) but can be knocked up to a workable state again and again.

This unique characteristic gives non-hydraulic lime mortar a long shelf life providing that it is kept sealed air tight. The mortar starts to set when exposed to air for a period of time, it can't be knocked up again once it sets.

Lime mortars from Conserv come complete with clear, concise instructions and free technical support. You can call us any time for friendly, expert help and advice.

What is non-hydraulic lime mortar?

It�s a traditional lime mortar, it does not contain any cement. It is a composition of lime putty and aggregate. Lime putty is a non-hydraulic lime, hence the name.

Do I need to add cement to make it set?

No, you should never add cement to a traditional lime mortar. Non-hydraulic lime mortars set more slowly and remain supple by nature.

Can I add cement to make it set faster?

No, don't add cement for any reason, ever. The addition of an OPC cement defeats the purpose of using a lime mortar. It detracts from the mortar's initial benefits.

What is a non-hydraulic lime?

The term non-hydraulic refers to the lime's setting characteristic. Non-hydraulic lime sets by carbonation as opposed to hydrolysis which is how hydraulic lime sets.

Non-Hydraulic Lime Mortar
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Traditional off-white with a medium coarse texture
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Did You Know?

Non-hydraulic lime mortar is not mixed the same way as other mortars. It is knocked up, you can do so repeatedly.

Non-hydraulic lime mortars set by carbonation; it is the carbon in the air that makes it set.

Cherishing (moisture control) is key to successful applications of non-hydraulic lime mortar.

Hydraulic lime mortar is ideal if you're on a tight schedule. Equally traditional but skip the traditional techniques.