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TDP Mortar Fleece

  • Availability: No Longer Available
  • Provides optimum conditions for mortar curing
  • Protects mortar & brickwork
  • Breathable barrier for wind, rain, frost & strong sunlight
  • Reduces efflouresence
  • Durable and lightweight, easy to use

Product Details

TDP Mortar Fleece has been designed to act as a barrier against frost and heavy rain and also strong sunlight which can dry the mortar mix prematurely. The unique structure of the fabric provides a stabilised climate for optimum mortar curing conditions.

When placed on top of a wall or vertical structure the central section of the mortar fleece will prevent ingress of water. Overall, the material will protect against heavy rain, frost, wind and strong sunlight.

The edges of TDP Mortar Fleece have been reinforced and machined with a slit to enable a tethering of the fleece at regular intervals along the length of the wall or structure. Alternatively, TDP Mortar Fleece can simply be weighted down by bricks, timber or other materials.


TDP Mortar Fleece is easy to use and the material can either be kept on the roll and unfurled to a suitable length or cut to fit a length of wall.