Hydraulic Lime Plaster Base
25kg (approx)

  • It's simple, ready to mix, just add water
  • 100% natural, no additives or platicisers
  • Natural hydraulic lime
  • Totally breathable, virtually no shrinkage
  • Tough weatherproof bags
  • Easy to follow instructions and specification
  • Free technical support with every order

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Hydraulic Lime Plaster

Hydraulic Lime Plaster Finish (25kg)
Hydraulic lime plaster finish, designed to be applied on top of the base coat.
£10.00 + VAT

Product Details

Hydraulic lime plaster, 100% natural, does not contain any artificial additives or plasticisers. Designed and manufactured to British Standards following English Heritage guidelines. The lime, sands and aggregates are carefully selected and sourced from England and the UK.

Mixing the plaster is really simple. All you need to do is empty contents of the bag into a mixer, add clean water and mix the materials to the correct consistency. A standard drum type cement mixer is fine for mixing hydraulic lime plaster. You can also mix by hand of course if you prefer.

Lime plasters from Conserv come complete with clear, concise instructions and free technical support. You can call us any time for friendly, expert help and advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is hydraulic lime plaster?

It�s a traditional lime plaster, it does not contain cement but is mixed and applied the same way as a cement render. This makes it practical for modern construction.

Do I need to add cement to make it set?

Absolutely not, hydraulic lime sets just fine. It is often confused with hydrated lime which can be added to cement mortar to increase workability. Genuine traditional lime plasters do not contain cement, ever.

Hydraulic Lime Plaster Base
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Did You Know?

In practical terms, mixing hydraulic lime plaster is just like mixing a cement render.

Shrinkage cracks are virtually eliminated using hydraulic lime plaster due to its hydraulic set.

Major labour and time saving benefits of hydraulic lime plaster can offset the higher cost against the non-hydraulic plaster.