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Fly Ash N (25kg)

Tarmac / Blue Circle

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  • Suitable for Non-Hydraulic Lime Mortar
  • Pozzolanic Additive
  • Accelerates Curing
  • BS EN 450-1:2005
  • Fineness Category N
  • Waste Byproduct from Power Plants

Product Details

Tarmac Fly Ash N is a quality assured fly ash suitable for use in non-hydraulic lime mortars to induce a hydraulic set and accelerate the setting process.

It is a quality assured fly ash conforming to BS EN 450-1 2005: Fineness Category N, with a loss of ignition less than 7% (LOI Category B). Fineness Category N Ash is a coarser ash than Category S Ash.


BS EN 450-1 2005
Fineness Category
LOI Category
Loss of ignition
< 7%
25kg (approx.)