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Moeller HMK R60

Moss and Mildew Remover for Natural Stone

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  • Moss, mould, mildew & organic stains
  • Easy to use, fast acting
  • All types of natural stone
  • Internal and external use
  • Disinfects as it cleans
  • Covers around 5m²*

Product Details

HMK R60 works fast to remove and prevent the reformation of moss, mould, fungus, lichens and mildew from steps, paths, gravestones, walls etc. For internal and external use, this product disinfects as it cleans, polished surfaces are not damaged.

HMK R60 is specifically designed for bathrooms, cellars, kitchens and any moist areas where mildew may form. It is also extremely effective for bleaching organic stains caused by things like coffee, cola, red wine, flowers, berries, fruit and fruit juices.


Covers around 5m² (approx.)*
0.5kg (approx.)

* Actual coverage depends upon severity of staining, absorbency of the stone and the method of application.