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Brass Wire Brush

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  • Remove Stubborn Dirt
  • Increase Effectiveness of Stone Cleaner
  • Does Not Mark or Discolour Stone
  • Suitable for Unpolished Stone

Product Details

The brass wire brush is extremely effective when used in conjunction with stone cleaners.

The stone cleaner will be applied first, leaving sufficient time to dwell. The brush is then used to agitate the surface, removing dirt and allowing the cleaner to penetrate deep into the pores of the stone.

The brass bristles are non-ferrous and will not mark or discolour the stone. A standard wire brush which will generally leave dark grey smudges and discolouring which is very difficult if not impossible to remove.

Not Suitable for Polished Stone

The brass wire brush is not suitable for cleaning polished stone such as marble, granite and travertine.


1kg (approx.)