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Universeal Sealants Grout Film Remover

Special Cleaner for Grout Residue, Light Cement and Mortar Stains

  • Availability: No Longer Available
  • Fast acting, for most surfaces
  • Safe formula
  • Easy to apply
  • Internal and external use
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Covers 12 - 25m²*

Product Details

Universeal Grout Film Remover is a special cleaner for the removal of grout residue, efflourescence (salt) and builder's dirt such as cement & mortar stains. This product is suitable for natural stone, brick and most other kinds surfaces.

This is a safe, environmentally friendly formula with a mild odour and does not generate a vapour. The cleaner dissolves inorganic contaminations such as cement films and light mortar residues.


Covers 12 - 25m² (approx.)*
1.25kg (approx.)

* Actual coverage depends upon severity of staining, absorbency of the stone and the method of application.