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Universeal Sealants HydroSeal

Impregnating Sealer for Natural Stone and Tile (Solvent Free)

  • Availability: No Longer Available
  • Totally clear, 100% transparent when dry
  • Doesn't darken or discolour natural stone
  • For any type of natural stone or masonry surface
  • Water based sealer, solvent free
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Envionmentally friendly

Product Details

HydroSeal is a high quality impregnating sealer from Universeal Sealants. It impregnates and penetrates the surface of the stone to seal and protect from water and oil based stains.

The product is water based, solvent free and is totally clear when dry, it will not darken or change the colour of the natural stone. It is suitable for sandstone, limestone, granite, marble, slate, terracotta, travertine or any other type of masonry or tile surface.


1.25kg (approx.)