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Universeal Sealants Rapid-All-in-1

Stone Sealer and Impregnator, VOC Compliant

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  • VOC compliant solvent based sealer
  • Fast drying, saves time and money
  • Can be applied instantly to damp stone
  • Doesn't stain, dye or discolour natural stone
  • Suitable for interior or exterior use
  • All types of natural stone
  • Sandstone, limestone, marble, granite and travertine

Product Details

Rapid All-in-1 impregnator & Sealer is a VOC compliant solvent-based sealer that can be applied to all types of stone immediately after installation, rapid drying and invisible, leaving no hard-to-remove residue. It penetrates to protect all types of natural stone, travertine, terracotta, limestone, marble, granite, sandstone and many other product types against oil and water-based stains.

The unique formula of Universeal Rapid All-in-1 may be applied to damp stone and grout immediately after installation. No waiting around, saving time & money with this unique fast track formula.


1.25kg (approx.)