(NHL) Natural Hydraulic Lime

Lime from Singleton Birch
Available in NHL 2, NHL 3.5 and NHL 5

Singleton Birch NHL 3.5

NHL 3.5, Singleton Birch (25kg)

NHL 3.5, Natural Hydraulic Lime. Medium strength, moderate setting speed. Suitable for most building applications.

  • £8.75 + VAT
Singleton Birch NHL 5

NHL 5, Singleton Birch (25kg)

NHL 5, Natural Hydraulic Lime. Higher strength, faster setting speed. Suitable for dense or exposed masonry.

  • £8.75 + VAT
Singleton Birch NHL 2

NHL 2, Singleton Birch (25kg)

NHL 2, Natural Hydraulic Lime. Lower strength, slower setting speed. Suitable for soft or sheltered masonry.

  • £9.10 + VAT

NHL stands for natural hydraulic lime. The number relates to compressive strength in N/mm².

Singleton Birch

Singleton Birch is UK’s leading independent lime manufacturer.

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