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Sandstone, Limestone, Marble, Granite, Slate & Travertine

Protect natural stone and leave it looking natural. These high quality stone sealers are easy to apply, non-hazardous and most importantly, they don't change the appearance of natural stone. No darkening or wet-look that is common after applying many other sealers.

Namurian Water Shield

Namurian Water Shield

Weather Protecting Stone Sealer for Exteriors

UV resistant sealant that protects exterior stonework from the effects of the elements.

  • £10.95 + VAT
Namurian Stain Free

Namurian Stain Free

Stain Protecting Stone Sealer for Interiors

One coat wonder product that protects interior stonework from common household oil & food spills.

  • £12.95 + VAT


Impregnating Sealer for Natural Stone & Tile (Solvent Free)

HydroSeal, high quality stone sealer & impregnator. This sealer is totally transparent, will not darken or alter the appearance of natural stone.

  • £13.25 + VAT
Rapid All-in-1

Rapid All-in-1

Stone Sealer & Impregnator, VOC Compliant

Fast drying and invisible, doesn't change the appearance of natural stone. Dries quickly even when applied to damp stone. Suitable for all types of stone including; sandstone, limestone, marble, granite, travertine & terracotta.

  • £25.00 + VAT

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Superior quality natural stone & masonry sealers

As stone masonry contractors we have spent years developing our knowledge and testing specialist products for our trade. Our mission at Conserv is to supply you with the same products and knowledge today. As our satisfied customers already know, you can buy with confidence, these stone sealers perform as advertised.

As always our specialist team is here to advise you before you buy, please make an enquiry.