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Stone Repair Mortar Union Jack Made in United Kingdom

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  • Ready to Mix, Add Water
  • Ethical Stone Repair Solution
  • Lime Based Mortar
  • 100% Natural and Breathable
  • CE Certified
  • Technical Support

Product Details

This specialist material is prepared to british standards under heritage guidelines for historic stone masonry repair. It is available in 5kg, 10kg and 15kg tubs complete with technical support, instructions on how to mix it and advice on how to repair the stone.

Stone repair mortar is a blend of natural minerals and aggregates in a natural hydraulic lime binder. It contains no cement therefore your repairs will be totally breathable and vapour permeable.

The mortar mix is suitable for most types of sandstone and limestone but we can arrange to manufacture the mortar to match specific stone at additional cost if you supply us with a sample. The aggregates and mineral content will be varied to match the texture and colour of the stone sample you provide.

For specialist advice about this material and natural stone repairs, please make an enquiry. We're interested to hear about your stone repair project, one of our technical team can offer expert advice.


We worked exclusively as stone masonry and restoration contractors since the early 1980's.

The materials and products we offer have been developed and refined for our own use throughout that 30 year experience.

With a little effort it's possible to make totally invisible stone repairs.


5kg (approx.)
Shelf life
Use within 12 months of purchase (Potentially)§

§ Products should be stored with packaging unopened, natural hydraulic lime is vulnerable once open and exposed.